“AlleFriezen” is a website that presents data from Frisian municipal archives, the “Historisch Informatiecentrum Noordoost Fryslân” (the regional archives of north eastern Friesland), the “Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden” (Leeuwarden Historical Centre), and “Tresoar” (Frisian Historical Centre). Data about all Frisian people, born, married, or deceased in the province of Fryslân from the 16th century till the middle of the 1960’s.

“AlleFriezen” primarily aims at showing information from public records of the Registry Offices (since 1811) en to enable the viewing of the original certificates, belonging to that information. “AlleFriezen” depends on the (financial) support of the Frisian municipalities. Eventually the information from Registry Offices will be supplemented with (further) information from the registers of births, deaths and marriages.

At this moment, most of the registers of births (1811-1921), marriages (1811-1946) and deaths (1811-1969) from many Frisian municipalities can be consulted. A list of participating municipalities can be found in the frame on the left. Search is possible by name. The certificate can be viewed, and if required printed. It is also possible to view the registers page by page.

A municipality is added to the list of “Deelnemers” (participants) as soon as that municipality has financed the scanning of its certificates. This however does not mean that digitalized certificates can be viewed yet. The Picturae company collects the certificates from Tresoar in order to scan them. During the scanning one is dependant on the available scanning capacity. As an indication, the total number of public certificates from Frisian Registry Offices currently amounts to 1,8 million! So please keep an eye on the website for further input.

Mistakes and omissions are alas inevitable, seen the large amount of data on this website. Please let us know via the form under “detailgegevens” (detailed information) if you run into inadequacies during your search of the database (e.g. Jan should be Piet, data are illogical, certificates are linked incorrectly etc.). If necessary, the record will then be corrected in the source of data. The mutations are processed in batches, several times during the year. The spelling is based on the spelling of the original certificate during the input.


“AlleFriezen” offers the possibility via the simple search screen (left) to search the registers of the Registry Office of a particular municipality by surname or Christian name. You can search all municipalities at once, or one at a time. Furthermore, you can refine your search with the button “uitgebreid”. That screen will show allow you to search in specific sources or periods. To search for any headword in all fields at once, you press the button “vrij”.

At this moment all references can be consulted to certificates of births (1811-1921), marriages (1811-1946) and deaths (1811-1969) of the Registry Offices of the participating municipalities. In the near future we aim to digitalise all further certificates of births, marriages and deaths, and to connect those images to specific people (read: numbers of certificates).

You can view all fields of the record concerning a found in a pop up screen by clicking the specific line. The screen will close when you click again. The certificates/pages that the database refers to, can be viewed via the button “bekijk details”. Should you like to see the original certificate straight from the result screen, please click the eye icon. You can furthermore print the image of the original certificate.

The use of wildcards

During your search you can make use of the so called wildcards. With the use of an asterisk (*) you search for results of which part of the word has a variable spelling. The search order P*ter* will result in  “Pieter”, “Peter”, “Piter, as well as “Peter K.” If one letter is unknown, you can use a question mark (?). The search order Ann? will therefore result in results with both the names Anna as Anne.